Wedding Video Prices  2017 - 2018 - 2019

Top Hat and Tails Weddings Videographer Prices


We record and edit at full resolution Video


Price List  2017 - 2018 - 2019= 2 cameras inclusive prices. - This is subject to local conditions


The most Prestigious Option provides you with  wedding video USB or DVD  options (Church or Civil ceremony) We can use up to 4 microphones to record the many part of the wedding service sound and up to 5 microphones to provide the better coverage of the speeches and its ambient sounds.


  1. This is the ultimate all in Options from start to finish starts from within the event location this is to include -
  2. The arrival of of the guests and the groom.
  3. The arrival of the bride
  4. The whole wedding service
  5. Signing of the register
  6. Main parts of the photo shoot
  7. The main events at your reception these are the speeches
  8. Video diaries ( subject to the immediate vicinity of participating guests)
  9. Filming the first dance
  10. The photo montage of this option is truly fabulous,with black and white images from the wedding video. £725



Intermediate Option


  1. (Church or Civil ceremony) Coverage within the event location starts one hour before ceremony
  2. This is to include the arrival of the groom and guests
  3.  Arrival of bridesmaids
  4. Arrival of bride
  5. The wedding ceremony
  6. Signing of the register
  7. Main parts of the photo shoot

  8. Arrival at the reception venue
  9. Including speeches
  10. And of course ending your wedding video  with a beautiful photo montage in your choice of Romantic black and white or colour.


To include a standard DVD and 1 extra free spare digital master in DVD clam case, that's 2 copies in total.  £585


Economy Option


  1. The Videographers will arrive approximately one hour before your wedding to produce and set up the filming within the event location of those important pieces to further enhance this special day
  2. This is to include the arrival of the groom and guests
  3. Then the arrival of the bride
  4. The total filming of all the events inside the location for your wedding and ends after the wedding ceremony itself, within in this Option we provide a beautiful montage in black and white or colour to music or your own choice.


To include standard DVD photo slide show in a presentation case £420


For Hindu. Asian weddings please enquire for prices.


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